Pierogi Pierogi

Pierogi Pierogi make delicious Polish dumplings filled with the flavours and ingredients of Eastern Europe including, mushroom and sauerkraut, beef and root vegetables, and creamy potato with farmers cheese. Drizzle all that tasty dumpling action in sour cream, dill, hot bacon and onion jam. Dietary options: Halal, Kosher, Lactose Free, Vegan, Vegetarian


Cannoleria specialise in the Sicilian Dessert, Cannoli. Think delicate tubes of golden crunchy pastry filled fresh with ‘That’s Amore Cheese’ Ricotta  filling in a variety of flavours. Dietary options: Halal, Gluten Free

Churros Ole

Churros Ole Spanish Doughnuts will be serving delicious traditional churros. Think deep fried churros with vanilla ice and topped with decadent dipping sauces – choose from chocolate, caramel and Nutella. Dietary options: Halal, Vegan, Vegetarian

The Real Jerk

Feast on traditional Jamaican street food including jerk chicken, pork, loaded fries, giant whole BBQ squid, cassava chips and this season’s special, oxtail stew and goat curry. Dietary options: Gluten Free, Halal, Lactose Free

Ama’s Delight

Presenting exquisite West African soul food! Feast on mouth-watering dishes like Ghana Jollof – rice cooked in tomato strew, served with grilled Chicken and side of salad, rostered butter corn or opt for the fish of the day (barramundi) marinated in traditional spices and garnished with famous Ghanaian salsa. Dietary options: Gluten Free, Halal

Inkredible Calamari

You can’t go wrong with freshly cooked salt and pepper calamari cooked with nonna’s secret recipe – it’s certainly a summer crowd pleaser. Dietary options: Halal  

Lunara Delights

Lunara Delights offers authentic Turkish Delight made here in Melbourne with locally sourced ingredients. The soft sugary treat is available in a range of premium flavours, from traditional rose, pomegranate and white rose, mango, lime, apple, strawberry and so much more. Dietary options: Gluten Free, Halal, Vegan


Wake up those taste buds this Summer and indulge in delicious African BBQ at Zuya. Their delicious menu is complete with marinated meats cooked over a wood-fired grill, over some rice or opt for a Zuya bratwurst and chips. Dietary options: Gluten-free and Halal

Son in Law

Son in Law make desserts almost too adorable to eat! Choose from a cartoon burger bao with ice cream and waffles or a fluffy fairy floss to enjoy as you wander the market. Dietary options: Gluten Free and Halal

Greek Trojan Food Truck

The Greek Trojan Food Truck specialises in high-end lamb, pork and chicken souvlaki. Their extensive menu also includes various open platters along with vegetarian halloumi wraps, crumbled feta chips and homemade dips. Dietary options: Halal, Vegetarian