It’s Off Tap

Chocolate covered strawberries… I’d tap that! Silky smooth milk chocolate poured on fresh locally grown strawberries by our Italian-sourced chocolate tap.

Mum’s Baklava

Indulge in freshly baked Baklava. Individually hand-rolled using pure Australian ingredients – contains pistachio and cashew nuts, clarified butter, and purified sugar syrup. Each piece is made with love and unique for its crunchy nature.


Cannoleria specialise in the Sicilian Dessert, Cannoli. Think delicate tubes of golden crunchy pastry filled fresh with ‘That’s Amore Cheese’ Ricotta  filling in a variety of flavours. Dietary options: Halal, Gluten Free

Churros Ole

Churros Ole Spanish Doughnuts will be serving delicious traditional churros. Think deep fried churros with vanilla ice and topped with decadent dipping sauces – choose from chocolate, caramel and Nutella. Dietary options: Halal, Vegan, Vegetarian

Sweet Stop

It’s the perfect pit-stop for sweet enthusiasts. Delight in sugary licorice straps in a variety of flavours including sour watermelon, cola, strawberry, and many more!